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Full Guard Sweep – Over Hook Sweep 2 (Pendulum Sweep)

The Penduluum Sweep is a high percentage sweep from full guard and can be set up using an overhook. Use it on people of all sizes with ease as demonstrated in this clip!

Overhook Sweep 1: http://youtu.be/U0bgsZ7BlVs

Full Guard Sweep – Over Hook Sweep 1 (Taking the Back)

Here is the first of three high percentage sweeps from guard when you have an overbook. In this video we take the back from guard in a simple but effective way!

Solo Sprawl Training Drill – MMA & Wrestling

Here is a great MMA & Wrestling Solo Sprawl Training Drill. Use it to develop the timing and speed of your sprawl!

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Rolling Omoplata from the Sprawl

The Rolling Omoplata is a good counter from the Sprawl Position when someone has shot on you and has hold of a Single Leg.

The Wrestling Sit Through / Sit Out

One of the most important drills to master is the Sit Through/ Sit Out for Wrestling, this is used from the turtle position to counter the sprawl.

Armbar from Guard – Can Opener Counter

Here we show a Armbar from Guard, this can be used as a counter to the Can Opener or if somebody is grabbing your head trying to punch you. Can be done both Gi and No-Gi.

How to do the Superman Punch – MMA Techniques

Here we run over how to do the Superman Punch, a powerful punch which is quick and easy to learn!

Low Level Outside Leg Trip Takedown

Take down people who are bigger than you easily with this ‘Outside Leg Trip’ instead of a ‘Double Leg Takedown’.

Takedowns from the Clinch – The Inside Trip

Here is a solid wrestling Inside Trip from the Over/Under position or the clinch. Easy to learn, effective and low risk!!

3 Effective Jab Counters for Boxing, Thai Boxing or MMA

In this video we cover three Jab Counters which will expose an opening to your opponent so you can take advantage of it!!