MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world.

As a consequence of this, more and more people are partaking in it. They either want to become professional fighters, or are utilising the training element, as a fitness tool. Others merely enjoy practising it, as a hobby.

For most of us, ­it is both a lifestyle, and a very engaging passion. As in other martial arts formats, people want an accessible goal to reach. A goal that does not necessarily involve them entering the cage/boxing ring, and competing.

They desire recognition and reward for the many hours of training that they put in each week. Many individuals are keen to progress their skill sets, to a level whereby they themselves; can become coaches. As we are a Private and Group tuition facility, we have the ability to offer bespoke and tailored training to our students. No two students are the same. And as such, all learn at a different pace, and varying levels.

Our grading system means that we can concentrate solely on your development. Unlike class tuition, which can have people of all ages, skill sets and experience levels participating. We can ensure that you progress at the level, that best suits your needs. You can work your way through the grading system, at your pace.


hffs grading system white level hffs grading system green level


hffs grading system blue level hffs grading system grey level


hffs grading system black level hffs grading system red level


Our Grading System is designed to assist people in achieving their MMA goals.

The student works towards attaining the desired skill set. We assist them with this within their respective lessons. We closely monitor their progression. Keeping accurate training records of each, and every lesson. We use a variety of tools, including video tuition. We reward students, as and when, the senior coaching team feel that the individual has reached the skill set, knowledge and fitness levels desired for that particular grade. We hold monthly grading classes, where the students train on a variety of techniques and drills with the coaching team. We keep a track of each individual and each lesson that they undertake. Working our way through the techniques, drills and understandings of each format.

Our grading system is not designed for us to profiteer.

Most grading systems are merely a way for the gym/coach to make money.

We do not charge the student to be graded, and we do not hold grading assessment days. Our students are rewarded for their efforts and skill sets acquired – not rewarded, because they are rewarding us financially.

You are attaining, and building your skill set and knowledge, in each and every one of your lessons. We will reward the student, as and when, they have reached the desired level, to reach the respective MMA grade.

Most importantly of all; our grading system is designed to help you to grow as a MMA practitioner.


Our teaching methods are designed to be balanced and structured

  • Equal emphasis is placed upon both the attacking and defensive elements of MMA, through the thorough teaching and understanding of our philosophy
  • Positional control and movement
  • Positional control and movement – Striking and Grappling
  • Defensive theories and guards – Striking and Grappling
  • Attacking theories and guards – Striking and Grappling
  • Balance and rhythm
  • Takedowns and takedown defence
  • Escapes and transitions
  • Submission theories and understandings
  • Fitness and S/C importance

We utilise the following when building a students skill set, knowledge and fitness levels:

During Lessons:

  • Striking/Ground and Pound – Positional Control/Technique Drills/Padwork/Sparring
  • Wrestling – Positional Control/Technique Drills/Active Wrestling Sparring
  • Grappling – Positional Control/Technique Drills/Rolling
  • Fitness/Strength & Conditioning – Drills/Circuits/Warm up and Coll Down Exercises

Additional Grading Training Sessions:

  • First Aid Courses
  • Seminars
  • Grading Classes


We have 6 grades in total:

Each grade is split into: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

All students commence their training at Beginner ­ White Grade. They then work their way through each level. For example:


White – Beginner / White – Intermediate / White – Advanced

Once the student has completed the White grade levels. He or she, then advances onto the Green grade structure. And so forth, onto the next grade.

A T-Shirt representing their grade will be worn at all times during training. The letters depicting their grade level are displayed on the top. For example:

  • White T-Shirt, with the letter B – for beginner.
  • White T-Shirt with the letter I – for intermediate.
  • White T-Shirt with the letter A – for advanced.

Certificates are awarded upon receiving new grades. Insurance and First Aid qualification for students reaching coaching levels.

Our system has been designed to allow students of all ages and skill sets, to achieve their MMA goals. We believe in rewarding and recognising work ethic, attitude, knowledge, understanding and skill set. And we believe in creating our own coaches, to aid with our own development as a group of MMA and fitness businesses.

I look forward to introducing this system to all of our students. I believe that it will engage and encourage the individual, whilst greatly enhancing their MMA skill set and understanding.